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To create a small space on earth, filled to the brim, with everything I’ve always loved; One 1ove Boutique offers beautiful clothing from raw fabrics, fresh-cut roses, and our home-baked signature oatmeal cookies made each morning from Gram’s recipe. A “sensory” experience that touches all 5 senses. Come share some “lightness" with us. Come share our loves.



As a child I loved how clothing could transform my moods, and/or express them.  I loved how different combinations of fabrics, textures, and prints could elicit excitement within me, and furthermore, could spill over to bring joy to people around me.  

As I grew older, I worked retail at Nordstrom and learned the value of “customer service”;  I appreciated the encouragement and support Nordstrom offered their employees by giving us opportunities to keep in touch with hand written Thank you notes, delivering products directly to client homes, and providing a team of tailors to perform custom alterations and repairs on-site.  What a dream it was for me…..to call a client when an item or brand came in that I knew she would enjoy, and share in the excitement of something new. I honed my skills to learn the tastes and styles of the women I served.  This brought me joy.  These experiences shaped my vision for the boutique  I would one day own….

One 1ove is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service with on-site alterations and hand deliveries across the island.  We aspire to stay “in-touch” with our clients on a friendly basis with the intention of being helpful, never over-stepping. We hope at One 1ove Boutique our customers will enjoy a sensory experience involving all 5 of her senses; touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound….we hope, in this way, we will capture her imagination and her heart.



A Women’s boutique offering high quality pieces made with natural fibers such as; organic linen, rayons, silks, cashmere, and cotton. We proudly support many family owned businesses from all over the world. We care what materials products are made from, who is making the products, and where they come from.

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I love fabric. I love texture. I love prints. I love tailoring and exceptional craftsmanship. I love pockets and unexpected linings….and when the inside of a garment is just as beautiful as the outside… it feels like a secret between me and the creator.

As a seamstress in college, I began to discover that I could work out a garment’s history from the way a garment had been “worn”….satorial archeology. For example, a woman brought me three Chanel jackets to be repaired one day. They were all in good condition except that each had a thread bare patch on the right sleeve. The woman who brought them told me they had belonged to her aunt, a novelist, who wrote all her books in long hand. Fashion is literally the fabric of our lives. Our garments carry our heritage, our history, our memories – Over time our most cherished clothing becomes as wise, and as  wrinkled as we are – and like the wrinkles on an elder’s face, our garments show how we have lived…..what we have Loved.

Since designing for companies like St. John Knits, and Tommy Bahama, I always dreamed of having the freedom to design my own clothing, with no restraints. Owning One 1ove Boutique has provided the opportunity to present my ONE designs. 

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